About the Council

We are striving to deliver a future that improves prosperity, financial independence and the wellbeing of residents and business


Southwark employs around 4,100 staff, with a Chief Officer Team (of Strategic Directors) led by the Chief Executive. We are a top 100 Apprentice employer and have recently been awarded Investors in People Gold.

Our ambition is evident in our vision to deliver a Fairer Future for all, underpinned by strongly identified, plain speaking principles that guide all we do, we are achieving these through close collaboration. We are striving to deliver a future that improves prosperity, financial independence and the wellbeing of residents and business.

Our Council Plan sets out our commitments across eight themes:

  • Theme 1 - A place to call home
    Everyone should have a place that they are proud to call home. We are committed to delivering good quality, affordable homes for all our residents, which is why we are improving council homes, building new ones and building more affordable homes across the borough. 

  • Theme 2 - A place to belong
    We want Southwark residents to be able to make the most of the opportunities being created right on their doorstep, so we will ensure that regeneration continues to deliver employment and better health opportunities as well as schools, parks, libraries and leisure centres to serve local communities.

  • Theme 3 - A greener borough
    In everything we will make sure we are being greener and tackling problems like air quality and climate change. We will make sure we limit our environmental impact so that future generations can live in a cleaner, greener Southwark.

  • Theme 4 - A full employment borough
    We will grow the economy by supporting local businesses, investing in those setting up new businesses and tackling low pay and inequalities. We want to make sure that all Southwark residents have the opportunity to achieve their potential and that low income or lack of qualifications does not hold people back from securing good work. We will continue to invest in skills and employability, to ensure residents are equipped with the tools they need to find employment and to progress to better paid work.

  • Theme 5 - A healthier life
    The council wants to reduce health inequality so that whatever your background you can live a healthy life. We want to make cycling and walking easier so more people choose these ways to get around. We will keep investing in mental health services and look for a new approach to tackle loneliness for people of all ages.

  • Theme 6 - A great start in life
    We want all children in the borough to lead healthy and active lives, so we will extend Free Healthy School Meals to nurseries and make it easier for more children to walk and cycle to school to improve health and tackle poor air quality. We will continue to support vulnerable and looked-after children, improving mental health services and investing in early intervention.

  • Theme 7 - A safer community
    Everyone has the right to feel safe and be safe. That is why we will join up the work we are doing to tackle gender based violence and will also tackle extremism wherever it exists, working alongside our communities to help them counter extremism and radicalisation. We want to empower people, particularly young people, with the opportunities that they need to make positive choices and to stay away from crime and violence.

  • Theme 8 - A vibrant Southwark
    As the borough grows and changes we want to make sure that we enhance what makes Southwark special. That’s why we want to celebrate the different communities in the borough, their cultures, their foods and so much more too. We want Southwark to be a home in the heart of London looking out to the world. A borough where the talents, creativity and ambition of all our residents is celebrated and helps make Southwark our home of which we can all be proud.

Our Values
 - Treating residents as if they were a valued member of our own family
 - Being open, honest and accountable
 - Spending money as if it were from our own pocket
 - Working for everyone to realise their own potential
 - Making Southwark a place to be proud of

As a Council we’ll need to be fit for the future, with responsive, digitally enabled services that adapt well to change. Embracing the opportunity to deliver services in a smarter way also of course means leaving no one behind in a fast changing city and world.